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dbo.ServerRoomLog SEQ#741

Table: dbo.ServerRoomLogSEQ: 741Submitter: Vapid, Marco So, just in case I do not make it through the night, I am putting this here. It is the only thing I currently have access to anyways. Today was my second week of my “punishment” night shift the old hag give me for calling her “sweetie” feeling all important […]

Non Sequitur Stories

Scope Creep

They knows they should not be hereā€¦ Alone, walking nervously in the passageway– they freeze. Ahead of him an arc-like stain of crimson appears embracing the silhouette of the fedora floating above a worn trench both shaking in the misty smoke covering the ground. It approaches. From beneath the fedora, behind a muffler, unyielding eyes […]